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Play Zones

It’s all about fun at FunWorld Lekki with numerous play areas, specifically created around the needs of children younger than 12 years.

The areas offer countless physical and mental challenges for your little one in a fun and entertaining way.

The Toddlers’ Play Area caters to the needs and wants of 12- to 36-month-olds, while the Playground is equipped with apparatus that will keep the kids occupied for hours on end. If your child is comfortable climbing, crawling, jumping, sliding, negotiating simple mazes and communicating with other children then they will be very happy playing in this space.

Both areas are supervised by the “Fun Captains”, who know exactly how to get the games going in a safe and comfortable environment.

All the areas have been designed in a way that stimulates children’s imagination, as well as their creativity.

Fun Space for Toddlers

The Toddlers’ Play Area is designed with the safety and comfort of your toddler in mind. Ideal for kids no taller than 1.1m, this space is all about interactive fun, games and good times!

From a triple-rail open slide to a soft-slide mat, a tube crawl, a ball pool, a mini-moonwalk and a small suspension bridge, the little ones will have the time of their life! Children can play for a minimum of 30 minutes, while parents can rest assured that they’re always under the watchful supervision of the Fun Captains.


Embrace the joy of play in the fun playground area at FunWorld. Boasting an impressive three-level play system, a wave slide, a ball pool, adventure bridge, web crawling and more, the space will keep kids entertained for much longer than the minimum play time of 30 minutes.

The Playground is only open to children between the ages of 2 and 12, and who are between 1.1m and 1.5m tall. Children that weigh more than 75 kilograms unfortunately not permitted. Our Fun Captains offer watchful supervision at all times