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Play Zones

Bring your children to get in the zone… the Play Zone, that is. FunWorld Gateway boasts a number of play areas that ensure hours of fun for children under the age of 12 years.

It’s also about purposeful play here, with the activities designed to offer both physical and mental challenges for the young ones in a fun and entertaining way.

All FunWorld spaces have been thoughtfully designed to ensure it stimulates children’s imagination and creativity.

Fun Space for Toddlers

The little ones deserve to have their own kind of fun, which is why we created the Toddlers’ Play Area, specifically for children that are shorter than 1.1m. The space boasts interactive fun and games that speak to the needs and ability of toddlers.

There’s the triple-rail open slide, the soft-glide mat, the tub crawl, a ball pool and a mini suspension bridge that offers hours of fun and amusement. A minimum play time of 30 minutes applies, but parents are welcome to wander off to do something while the Fun Captains keep a watchful eye on your bundle of joy.


Where else can you go where there’s a three-level play system, a ball pool, an adventure bridge, and a wave slide? (And then that is not even all!) The answer is the playground area at FunWorld, which is why you need to get the little ones down there as soon as possible. With so much to do we guaranteed that the children will be happily occupied for much longer than the minimum play time of 30 minutes.

For the safety of all children, the Playground is only open to children aged between 2 and 12, who are between 1.1m and 1.5m tall and who weigh less than 75 kilograms. The trusty Fun Captains are on duty at all times to keep a watchful eye on the young ones.